Thorns: Dev Log 1

Hello Y’all!

I’ve started working on a personal project recently so I thought it might be fun to write some posts about the project and my general thoughts regarding it.

So here’s a little background information:

Thorns is an interactive story built in Twine. As of right now, it has four distinct endings based on both the player’s choices and the variables set within the game. There are also a few fail states that can pop up during the game if the player lacks certain resources.

The story is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast that combines elements from different versions of the tale as well as original elements. The game starts the night that Belle (the Player) decides to escape from the Creature of Fomorian. As the game progresses, the Player will be able to ultimately decide the fate of both Belle and the Creature of Fomorian. They will also learn more about Belle’s family, the Creature, and the local legends of the village that Belle is from if they elect to click on different links within the game.

What I want to do with the game:

I have a few major goals with this project that all sort of stemmed from the original spark that gave me the idea. I was doing some research into some of the earlier versions of Beauty and the Beast and something that stood out to me were the aspects that Disney decided to change for their version of the tale. I found it interesting that some of the major aspects that Disney changed were:

  • The rose and how it was used in the story
  • Belle’s family (her sisters in particular)
  • The reasoning for her imprisonment
  • Most of the supporting cast doesn’t exist
  • The way the two eventually fall in love

I wanted to make a game to explore some of these changes and allowed for players as Belle to choose what they would do in her situation because, in the end, it’s not cut and dry. There’s a lot of complexities to it that I want to play with. I also want to add in other mythologies and folklore, particularly Irish myth since it’s something I’ve recently become interested in.

I also want to improve my understanding of branching narratives and variables, so that’s something that I’m working too.

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