25446276_10156311937766162_5543979455744089744_nLiterary Stardust is run by Angelica Fuchs, a graduate student currently attending VCU. She studies English there, focusing on research and analysis of both “classic” forms of literature as well as newer forms of storytelling such as video games and comics. She is currently focusing on her thesis as well as designing games in her spare time.


Star’s FAQ

Your name’s not Star…so what’s the deal with that?

I use the word ‘Stardust’ somewhere in almost all of my usernames online. It is a reference to both the show Cosmos and the movie Titan A.E.–basically, I’m a huge space nerd.

Have you been published before?

Other than a few quick pieces in campus literary magazines I haven’t had any of my fiction published. However, I did recently work on the game Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. I assisted with the research and writing, which was a lot of fun!


What other projects are you working on?

I’m currently working on a novel tentatively titled “Scavenger” at the moment as well as a project that is in its alpha phase (I’ll give more details about this once we’re further into development). I am also working on my thesis, which is about the merging of ludology and narratology in video games.